Address field on multiple lines

HI, I have an address field which is showing as being on multiple lines on the site but I am not able to select individual lines. When I scrape the site I'm getting the address as one field. I'd like to split it down to Address 1, Address 2, Postcode. If I try and bring into excel there is no logic I can use to split the address. It looks like I can't individually click on the lines when using web scraper. Appologies but I'm a novice at this and just trying to learn.

@dkbolduk Hello. Could you, please, share your sitemap or the targeted website?

Hi, thanks for the reply, this is the targeted page

it's the address on the right hand side. I wanted to split each line into a column.

@dkbolduk Hello, it appears that this data is divided into paragraphs, however, unfortunately, due to the structure of this website, there does not seem to be a viable way to split this data into separate columns by the address and postcode.

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Thank you for looking into this for me. I have now managed to split it out in excel. It's not perfect but it's nearly there. I have split the field out by the line breaks. I'm assuming there is no way do do that with the webscraper tool?

@dkbolduk No, unfortunately, it is not possible to divide this data by the
tag - breaks.