1 random data point per row

I am trying to scrape the Name, Job, Company name and footer of every participant in this link (including pagination to page 25):


I get the list of the data, but every row contains only 1 data point:
Either Name, company, job or part (Exhibition/partner etc.)

I need all the data points for every row.

I tried to bind the selectors to the _root, and then tried to make an Element selector of the entire cards wrapper and put the selectors under it.

All give me the same results...

I used [multiple] in all of them.

Please help!

This is quite a common mistake. If you already have wrappers for the cards, these should be set to Multiple, but the data scrapers within should NOT be set to multiple (unchecked). If the data scrapers are set to multiple, you would get the results as you described.

This example graph explains: