Web scraper down or my problem?

good morning guys and happy new year to all

I have an extension problem!

I try to use it but it won't let me click anywhere!
Have I been stuck, or are there problems?
ps this problem has been going on for weeks on all sites!
I try to work directly on the page, but sometimes it's very convenient to be able to click! I hope you can tell me what my problem is!

I attach the screen with the test site and still wish the best for 2021

Attachment 1 I try to select something

Attachment 2, some kind of ball comes out, preventing me from continuing!

Has anyone found this error?

It looks like you are in "phone device" mode, probably by accident. Just click on the device icon to change it back to computer mode.


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I can't believe it was stupid!
Anyway without the help I learned a lot to navigate ina html page!
Thanks Boss.