Text selector RegEx case insensitive support

Hi, and thanks for the Chrome extension, it serves well after a bit of a learning curve.

I could get around most limitations of the Web Scraper so far, but the one thing that i am missing most is the ability to do Text extraction based on case insensitive regular expressions, absent (?) any better solution than "[Mm][Yy][Kk][Ee][Yy][Ww][Oo][Rr][Dd]" especially painful and error prone on longer expressions with multiple possible keywords with all possible casing combinations.

It could be by supporting the "/.../i" global modifier, a "(?i)" inline modifier, a checkbox in the UI to specify case (in)sensitivness...

That would greatly enhance the tool and simplify often needlessly hard to read and maintain longer RegEx'es.

Thanks !

Even though JavaScript does not allow for inline regex options, allowing a single, one time initial specification of options by using the standard regex syntax for inline options: (?<options>) were options can be one of the normal options (gimsuy), i.e.: (?i) or (?img) and so on could solve this limitation.