Scrape without opening window

The app is working great except that it is very slow on the website I'm scraping.
A new window opens for each page of a large site. The window contains a large image (1Mb) plus a small table. I just want to extract data from the table but because it has to download the image each time it is taking a long time.
Any way to scrape the table data without having to open the window?


Please share your sitemap.

The start page is:
and the last digit then increments by 1 up to 32538

The data is contained in a small table in each page called 'table'

Each page contains a .jpg image of about 1Mb

You can actually scrape all of it in a single run using pagination array.

Please replace your URL with this one (change it in metadata of sitemap):[1-32538]

P.S. if you wanted to just remove images, you can use something like this to block them

Great, thanks for that