Manual handle to stop scraping using Element Click

For Future.

At the moment, when you scrape a website with lots of results, and using Element Click to go through pages, results won't be shown if scrape process is not finished.

Current workaround is to call a Dev Tools from Scraping window, then select particular element that is used to paginate, and then hit 'Delete' so WebScraper won't find a button to press and successfully finish.

It would be great to have such handle for test purposes within WebScraper itself to delete element on-the-fly.


Thank you, I struggled with this problem for the last 2 weeks until I came across your workaround. Thank you.

If I use element click to reveal text would using the provided workaround cause my text select to not record said piece of text or would it be unaffected

@Loincoin Hello, could you, please, provide a practical example?