How to use your new image downloader script on windows 10

kindly tell me how to use new image downloader script on windows 10 the readme file says that drag and drop csv file on top of but i dont understand how

You have to drag your csv file on top of the script file icon and then drop it. You don't have to open the script file, it will launch automatically when you will have dropped your csv file.


Image downloader works great, but it is important for me to keep names of the images unchanged.
How can I edit the code so it doesn't alter the names to "web-scraper-oder-selector-name.ext"



i couldn't download images with image-downloader.

i captured movie.
captured movie

would you check and tell me why it fasiled?

thank you.


Here is how to Resolve Image Download issues

I've gone through every thread on this forum but still can't get this to work. Using command prompt, it runs but nothing happens. No errors and no extraction. I've tried changing the column name to "Image-src" to test but didn't work. Not sure what else to try.