Export the "Data preview" value into csv

Hi Team,

So as just now i searched "Data preview" in this forum, there're around 90 results, and i've gone through most of them by the title, which tells me that the majority of thread regarding "Data preview" is the discrepancy between the "Data preview" and the downloaded CSV file. SO DO I!

So as far as i can see, the reason for it maybe anti-scraping by the sites, or something else too techy to describe. for my case, the data exist/displayed in the "Data preview", while no/null in the downloaded csv file. the data existed in the F12->Elements, and in the page, while not in the source code of the page, which i think is the root cause for this discrepancy issue.

So the expectation is: add the ability to export the value displayed in the "Data preview" into csv, which means the 2nd csv file, besides the current 1st csv file(default to be downloaded), if this is enabled/implemented, i think there will reduce 90 threads to be opened/discussed for this forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks for consideration.

cut and paste works if you want to grab the data preview. most times it's user error why the data preview works and the regular sitemap doesn't.

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Can you please post your sitemap?