Auto Process Pause

As a user, I like to have an option to define scraper auto-pause under defined by user condition so I can provide some actions on a particular side.

AC 1. Pause process if CAPTCHA appears
AC 2. Pause process if a selector meets the criteria of required Levenshteina level condition for the defined text.

@janjaszczak Hi. Have you tried Web Scraper Cloud by any chance?

Web Scraper Cloud offers the following features: proxy, scheduler, API, parser, data export, data quality control & notifications.

Regarding the requested feature to prevent CAPTCHA prompts - when the proxy is used, the IP addresses will be rotated at an interval and also rotated once a CAPTCHA is encountered, thus preventing the scraper from being blocked by the target site.

If a scraping job finishes with failed pages, selecting "Continue" for this job in the jobs list will cause the scraper to attempt to retry the failed pages.

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