Add fields under Edit Metadata: Move Interval, Delay and add Comments area

I suggest adding 3 fields under Edit Metadata (under Start URL), since this section is like the sitemap-wide global setting area:

(1) Move "Request Interval (ms)" from "Scrape" to below "Start URL", default 2000,

(2) Move "Page load delay (ms)" from "Scrape" to below (1), default 2000,

(3) Add a "Comment" box at the bottom that allows new line characters.

The reason is that (1) and (2) are currently set manually every time we scrape. But say for a specific project, I have one or more long index pages as my Start URLs, would that require more customized intervals and delays - specific to that project sitemap? Or known slow server or buggy page scripts could require that I set these 2 to longer delays and intervals - again specific to that project?

As for Comment area, often I need to record 2-3 test URLs that are smaller subsets for testing. Or notes about dates, version, projects, clients, etc. Wouldn't this be a good place to keep this info, that gets carried around with the sitemap? New line characters will help to keep the points clear.


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